All About Ticket Fines and Penalties: Every New Jersey Drivers Should Know!

Traffic ticket? Yeah, every driver’s nightmare actually. Not only this will ruin your day, but it is also implication to your driving record. Usually, these traffic tickets and penalties will cost you a lot of money in the long run. Traffic tickets and the number of fines and penalties may vary depending on the state and the country you’re currently living at.

In line with these fines, there are other fees and charges that you need to pay, oftentimes, it depends upon on the severity of the violation or how many times you commit the same violation.

To give you an idea or a brief knowledge about traffic tickets, below are some common traffic ticket and penalties in New Jersey that you need to be aware of while you’re driving.

Ticket Fines and Penalties: New Jersey Driving Violation Point System

In every state, there are pointing system that exist for traffic tickets, penalties and violations. These pointing system is used to determine a person’s driving abilities. Each traffic violation has an affiliate amount of points, and these points will tell your driving abilities whether you’re good or bad on the road. In addition, these traffic violation has an affiliate fine that you need to pay, if failed to do so, you might face jail time.

Ticket Fines and Penalties: Surcharges 

For example, you already have a traffic ticket, it has a possibility that you might be charged for additional fees depending on the severity of the offense, especially if you get these tickets within a certain timeframe. Some of these additional fees and charges are one-time fees, other violations require annual payments for years. For a convenient way to get your traffic ticket details in information, visit njmcdirect to get the desired data online.

Ticket Fines and Penalties: Severe Cases 

For a more serious offense, such as reckless driving or violating New Jersey laws, there are fines and penalties that follow.

Below are the following fines and penalties if you commit a serious driving offense:

  • Reckless Driving

o   Fine & Penalties: $50 up to $200

o   Jail: maximum of 60 days

  • Driving with the Influence of Alcohol (and carrying)

o   Fine: 1st offense – $200; 2nd offense – $250 or/and up to 10 days of community service

  • Hit and Run Accidents

o   Fine: $2500 up to8 $5000

o   Jail: maximum of 180 days

o   Holding your driving license for 12 months

o   Or holding your driving license for a lifetime

  • Driving without a license or suspended license

o   Fines: 1st offense – $500; 2nd offense – $750; 3rd offense – $1000

o   Holding your driving license for an additional 6 months

If you are not careful enough on the road, there’s a higher risk of getting your driving license to be suspended. Technically, a total of 12 points on your driving record can automatically hold your driving license.

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