Penalties For A DUI Charge In Texas

Driving Under Influence or DUI is a charge which applies to minors, particularly 21 years old and below. Juveniles having been caught driving with alcohol in their body can be subjected to this charge, and even if they are found to have the acceptable Blood Alcohol Content or BAC which is at 0.08, they are still subject to this charge so long as they took in even the slightest bit of alcohol.

So, the question is what is the difference between adults and teenagers that the criteria for teenagers are stricter than adults, to answer the problem it is because most of the worst instances reported regarding drunk driving involve teenagers. Remember, Texas has zero tolerance for teenage drunk driving cases.

The difference of DUI and DWI is that in a sense they are the same they both apply to the case of drunk driving; the only difference was that DUI applies to minors, those around 21 years old and below while DWI is for the adults who are above 21.

Now you might be wondering how many DUI is a felony in Texas? And so to answer your question let us discuss the consequences of teenage drunk driving or DUI.

First Offense

Your first DUI offense will be considered a misdemeanor, and the weight of your consequences will be based on the gravity of your crime. Since it’s your first time doing it charges will be light but do it another time, and your charges won’t just double.

Your first DUI offense will have your license suspended for 60 days, and you are required to pay a maximum $500 as a fine, you will also have to do community service for 20 hours minimum, but no longer than 40 hours, too. You will have to attend alcohol-awareness classes or programs as well.

Second Offense

It can also be readily be treated like those of a DWI offense, though it’s still a misdemeanor charge, you are now near danger. You can go to jail for a minimum of 30 days to a whole year. Also, you are to pay a maximum of $4000 for the fine, not to mention your license can get suspended for a total maximum time of 2 years with a minimum full time of 180 days. Worse, it will be counted and recorded as a criminal offense already. In which, it may affect what you will be doing in the future such as when you apply for scholarships or student loans. Doing it another time will seriously put more gravity on you, so learn from the past and don’t drive after you took in even just a sip of alcohol for it will endanger your future.

Third Offense

Third time around is a felony offense already instead of being considered as a misdemeanor, and according to the law, it will write you down for a third-degree felony already. This charge being a felony, will require you to pay $10,000 maximum also imprisonment for two years which can extend for ten years. You will also be disqualified for voting and as well as possession of any firearms. Your license will also be rendered useless for 180 days to 2 years.

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