The Most Common Personal Injury Claims in Canada

One of the main reasons for hospitalizations in Canada is accidental injury. These wounds may result from tripping and falling, auto mishaps, negligence, and other causes. These injuries may result in personal injury cases since they may be the consequence of someone else’s carelessness. The definition of a personal injury case and the most typical categories of personal injury cases are described below.

How Do Personal Injury Cases Work?

When someone is hurt in a mishap that was brought on by another person’s carelessness, a personal injury claim is brought up in the court system by a personal injury law firm like Rotondo Law in Toronto. If someone was careless and provoked the accident, they will be held accountable for any damages. The sufferer is entitled to compensation by filing a personal injury claim as a result.

The careless driver’s negligence resulted in a collision and could have caused more than just physical wounds. Injuries to the emotional and mental health of the victim are also included. Civil court action is not always necessary to resolve personal injury situations. Most of the time, they can be resolved through arbitration or mediation between the parties and their attorneys. But if they are unable to settle the dispute amicably, a trial may be required.

Personal Injury Case Types

Personal Injury Case Types

  1. Cases Due to Automobile Accidents

Accidents involving motor vehicles frequently result in personal injury claims. These situations occur when you suffer injuries in an automobile collision brought on by another negligent motorist. Irrespective of if you were the other motorist, a bystander, or a passenger, this rule remains.

You, the petitioner, are eligible for just remuneration if the negligent motorist was to blame for the collision. You must supply medical records that detail the personal injuries you received to file a claim. Additionally, you must provide proof of the money you spent on your care and recovery. A police record detailing the auto accident must also be presented.

  1. Misconduct in Healthcare

A particularly complicated level of personal injury law is medical negligence. Therefore, it’s crucial to retain a personal injury lawyer with knowledge of situations involving medical malpractice. They will be able to give you case-specific advice and support you in establishing medical misconduct.

If a medical professional’s negligence caused you to suffer a loss or an injury, or to incur medical costs, a skilled attorney can assist you in seeking financial compensation. The following are examples of medical negligence:

  • erroneous patient diagnosis
  • delivering the wrong medication or inadequate treatment
  • birth defects
  • surgical mistakes
  1. Mishaps at Work

An employee who is hurt or killed at work may file a personal injury claim as a result of the accident. It may be a slip and fall, or an accident brought on by faulty machinery or equipment. You can file a workplace claim or file a workplace lawsuit with the help of your attorney.

  1. Negligence on Property

An accident resulting from hazardous circumstances on someone’s property or grounds is known as premises liability. These mishaps can occur anywhere, including on both personal and commercial property.

Serious harm could result from someone else’s disregard for their property. Therefore, if you are hurt on someone else’s property, you have the right to file a lawsuit. They are in charge of maintaining it and keeping it in a relatively safe state. A slip and fall case is a frequent kind of claim in this area; we’ll explain this type of injury next.

  1. Instances of Tripping and Falling

Slip and fall accidents occur when you trip and fall on someone else’s property as a result of inadequate upkeep. Both private and public properties are covered by these situations. Potential causes of these injuries include having no caution signs on wet flooring, cracked tiles or floorboards, or uncleared ice and snow.

It is legally required that hazards be found, fixed, and people informed of them by the landowners or management. You will also have a solid argument for a personal injury lawsuit resulting from a slip and fall if these requirements are not met. Given that not all injuries sustained in slip and fall accidents result in personal injury lawsuits, you will require a personal injury attorney to help you with this situation.

You should be able to provide sufficient evidence to Rotondo law firm that the owner or administrators were careless when it came to fixing the building problems. If negligence is established, you may be entitled to monetary compensation.


The goal of all personal injury cases is to assist you to get the right compensation for whatever harm you may have endured. Personal injuries are a frequent occurrence and can range from car accidents to slip and falls, medical negligence, and malicious prosecution.

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