Things To Know About Family Law

Family law is a complex body of law that governs a range of issues concerning relationships between spouses and children. It includes areas such as divorce, child custody, parental rights, and adoption.

Families play an important role in society. They provide a variety of benefits to their members, including economic and social stability.

Child Custody and Parenting Time

Child custody and parenting time are decisions based on what is best for a child. New York courts look to the children’s best interests in determining both legal and physical custody.

Shared custody has been gaining in popularity because of research that shows children do better when they have frequent and ongoing contact with both parents.

When a judge awards shared custody, both parents are granted equal parenting time. This usually means that one parent will have the child every-other weekend and the other will have the child for midweek evenings.

In addition, the schedule for parenting time can also include a division of the holidays and summer vacations.

When a family has been through a divorce, the parties often find it difficult to reach an agreement about the schedule for parenting time and visitation. Getting an outcome that works for you and the other party requires experienced legal guidance.


Child Custody and Parenting Time

Divorce is a formal termination of a marriage. This type of divorce can include issues like property division, spousal support and child custody. Working with Utah divorce attorney Brown Family Law might be needed in such complex cases.

The law relating to these aspects of a divorce is called family law. It also includes a variety of other topics related to a person’s social environment, such as adoption and guardianship.

Most states follow a concept called equitable distribution, which means that the property and debts that spouses acquired during a marriage should be distributed fairly between them. This can be a complex and difficult process to navigate.

Some couples are able to resolve all the issues related to their divorce without court intervention. These cases are often called “uncontested divorces.” Typically, they are completed faster and less expensive than contested ones.


Alimony is a form of support paid to an ex-spouse after a divorce. It can be awarded for a number of reasons, including a spouse’s inability to meet their own financial needs.

Most states define alimony in some way, and some have more specific laws about how long the payments can last, or whether or not they can be changed. Some jurisdictions also provide a special category called “rehabilitative” alimony.

Oftentimes, rehabilitative alimony is aimed at spouses who missed out on educational or career opportunities because they devoted a significant portion of their marriage to raising children. It is intended to help the recipient become self-supporting after their divorce.

The amount and duration of alimony can vary widely, but it is typically meant to give a former spouse time and financial relief as they recover from their divorce. The judge may order alimony for a certain number of months, or until a specific milestone is reached.


Adoption is a process of creating a legal parent-child relationship between two non-biological individuals. As a result, adopted children have the same legal rights and responsibilities as biologically-born children.

The adoption process is a complex one, and it requires an experienced family law attorney. It involves many variables, including state laws, differences in child custody, and the need for court approvals.

It also includes the requirement to complete a home study, which is an extensive questionnaire about the applicant’s background and parenting skills. In addition, a criminal history check must be completed for the prospective adoptive parent.

When families choose to adopt, they should consider a number of different children in order to find the right match for their family. Adoption can be a long and complicated process, but it is ultimately rewarding. It is important to take time to understand your options and to do all the research you can before you begin. Then, you can be sure that you are making the best choice for your family.

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