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People move to different country for different reasons like employment opportunity, new business starting, new openings in sports or education etc. Over the period of years, once they settled in to their profession, people will be reluctant to move back to their country of birth. There are different reasons for this. One is the money that they earn. Second is the quality of life and quality of education their children will get in the land of opportunities and dream. This is more important reason for people to move and seek permanent citizenship in United States.

Need to maintain clean record

First and foremost, thing for the people who seek permanent citizenship to do is to maintain clean and neat crime record. Those who have been penalized will find it difficult to get the green card or citizenship through naturalization process. So, behave properly in adherence to the laws of land to keep the clean record. Secondly, you must be aware of the recent updates done in the citizenship and immigration laws. For this, you can use the website which is keep updating the forms that get modified with the change in the rules and policies. Immigration policies will change from time to time. It is duty of the people who wants to get the citizenship to get acquainted with the latest changes. But it is not easy job to do. To make things easier, websites like this will keep the things updated so that people can easily know the changes. It is important to know the changes as the forms that are not filled according to new rules will get rejected in screening.

Also, there will be waiting time in any country before one can apply for the green card or the natural citizenship. One need to wait till that time and there is no use in applying in advance. There will be some special cases where the government will go out of the way to provide the citizenship. Some of those cases may include extra ordinary performance in research, sports or in medicine field etc. Otherwise, all other have to wait till the cooling period gets completed. One should also fill the category in which they are applying for the citizenship. If you select it wrongly then also it will be selected. In another step, you should include all the relevant and required papers that are needed for them to verify your credentials.

Once you completed filling the form, take some time to go through the form and ensure there are no mistakes or wrong information given anywhere. Also, ensure that you attach all the forms along with the form. Once you complete the form and it is approved you will get interview call. After the interview it may take up to 3 months to get the green card if it is approved.

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