Trucking Companies Need to Take Safety More Seriously, Says Texas Truck Accident Lawyer

Most of the time, truck drivers take the whole blame when road accidents involving trucks occur.It is important for these companies to adhere to regulations. It is their duty and they are meant to see to it that the trucks and their drivers are roadworthy before sending them out.

According to Houston 18 wheel truck accident lawyer Greg Baumgartner, when trucking companies fail to do this, they will be held responsible for any damage as a result of their nonchalance.

On a regular basis, the company should do a review of each driver’s logbook just to be sure they are qualified to ply the roads with lorries and also, to ensure they are not driving outside the hours specified under the regulations. Since they gave limits to the hours they can drive, trucking companies should make sure they don’t exceed those limits.

There is a driver’s daily vehicle inspection report that needs to be filled by every truck driver at the end of their shift. In that booklet, they are meant to report any defect or malfunctioning they noticed with the lorry while in transit. It is now the duty of the company to take effective measures and carry out the necessary repairs to ensure the lorry is in good working condition before its next trip.

Houston 18 wheel truck accident lawyer

In section 390.13, it is written that, “no person shall aid, abet, encourage or require a motor carrier or its employees to violate the rules”. This law is incorporated in litigation documents in cases of truck accidents. In a case where a trucking company breaks this law by turning blind eyes to a driver discharging duties outside of his time limit, such company will be held accountable.

It is usually not easy to immediately tell if a truck company has violated its rules especially when the accident has just occurred. This usually calls for a different and independent investigation. If there are falsified logbooks, the investigation should be able to uncover it. The drivers qualifications should be checked out and the working condition of the trailer before the incident should be investigated as well.

Situations arise where these trucking companies take different measures to cover up these violations. That is where the services of a trucking accident attorney is required. If you are a victim of any of such accidents, we would recommend you enlist the services of Attorney Greg Baumgartner. Put a call across and book a personal consultation.

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