What Not to Say After Experiencing a Car Accident?

A car accident can leave you shaken and even confused. At that moment, if you speak without thinking, it will significantly affect your settlement. So, you must watch what you sayin order to avoid your words becoming evidence that the defence uses against you in court.To avoid this problem, and keep your zipped with those phases, we have shared a few phrases that you should not say.

Avoid Saying Any of The Following:

  1. This Is My Official Statement

Only with your personal injury lawyer in Perth , you have to prepare your statement. In case, if you give an official statement to the other driver’s insurance company or your insurance company, that statement will be used in all future proceedings. Your statement is essential to the claims process, so don’t give official statement unless you get approval from your lawyer.

  1. That Was My Fault, or I Didn’t Even See You There

These are something usually people say when a crash occurs in a hurry. This makes it appear as though you were negligent. If you say any of these phases, it affects your claim, by reducing your chance of getting the compensation at the insurance company. Did you know phase like “I didn’t see you” “That was my fault” are included under admissions of fault? So, avoid admissions of fault by passing up these type phases.

  1. I’m Sorry

Apologizing is something that we do if something terrible happens. But, here, “I’m sorry” is the phase that is a big mistake when pursuing legal action. An apology is another factor that will be considered as an admission of fault. It will be confirmed you have done something wrong to cause the crash. And it ends up affecting your settlement amount and your claim. So, it is essential to control the natural reaction of saying sorry here.

  1. I’m Not Hurt

Even if you think you are not injured, don’t use the phrase “I’m not hurt”right after an accident because insurance settlements entirely based on the injuries sustained in the accident. Some injuries on your back and neck can take days to appear. Also, some signs like bruises can take time to show up. Research says accident injuries like whiplash or traumatic brain injuriesdo not show up immediatelyafter the accident. So, don’t use any phrase like “I’m completely okay, I’m not hurt” or minimize your injuries with your words if you are not completely sure about it. Don’t decrease the value of your insurance settlement by yourself.

The Bottom Line

Every year more than 50 million people are permanently disabled or injured after being involved in a car accident. You should be very careful in getting your right claim that you deserve. For that, contact the right personal injury law firm Perth, to hire the experienced lawyer.

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