What Toronto Paralegals Say about the Termination of Tenancy in Ontario?

Sometimes a landlord rents out his/her property to a tenant based on a fixed-term agreement. However, after a while, the landlord may want the property back due to some changes in his/her situation. In this case, the tenant must terminate the landlord-tenant agreement, but how possible? Consulting a paralegal will definitely help you deal with the most complicated legal procedures about in-time termination of a landlord-tenant contract.Click here for more information.

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Breaching the terms of a landlord-tenant agreement is illegal, but you should find a legal way to end the contract without breaking the rules. You should first ask a paralegal in Toronto, Ontario, that a landlord can terminate the agreement in Ontario or not. If yes, under what circumstances. Before breaking a lease, you must make sure that your decision is based on the Residential Tenancy Act, and a Toronto paralegal can best help you in this regard.

What Reasons Are Legal for Terminating a Landlord-Tenant Contract?

When the tenant fails to keep committed to the landlord-tenant agreement’s terms and does something against the contract, the landlord can terminate the tenancy according to the Residential Tenancies Act. Here are some reasons that allow the tenant to break the lease:

_When the tenant does not pay the full amount of rent

_When the tenant damages the rental property

_When the number of people living in the property is more than what is mentioned in the contract

_When the tenant does some illegal activities in rental property

_When the tenant annoys or disturbs other tenants, the landlord or neighbors

There are also some reasons in addition to the mentioned ones, but not related to what the tenant does:

_If the landlord wants to perform major repairs or renovations on the building and needs to have it empty.

_When the landlord needs the rental property back for his/her own use.

_If the landlord sells the property and the buyer, as a new landlord, wants the property back for his/her use.

_How can the landlord terminate the tenancy in Ontario?

_Depending on the situation, the termination of a tenancy may require different circumstances:

The Contract for Termination between the Landlord and the Tenant 

The landlord and tenant can both come to an agreement for breaking the lease. It’s better to have a written contract that clarifies both parties have agreed on termination. After such an agreement, the tenant is supposed to move out of the rental property on a specific date.

Legal for Terminating

What Happens if the Tenant Changes His/her Decision?

The tenant changes his/her mind after the agreement for termination of the tenancy. In this case, the landlord can apply to the Board and ask them to give him/her permission to evict the tenant with a Toronto paralegal’s help. On the contrary, the tenant can also make an application to the Board that the eviction is unfair.

What to Do if the Landlord tends to End the Tenancy? 

When the landlord decides to terminate the tenancy based on one of the mentioned reasons, s/he must consider giving notice to the tenant that shows the contract’s termination. Notice giving must be done before the date of termination.

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